Rudi Kartadiredja
Rudi Kartadiredja
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who is Rudi Kartadiredja   

Who is Rudi Kartadiredja,
He is complicated to write about
He always enjoy his live
He is everything, and nothing
He is black or white, never gray
His actions may not reflect his feelings and vice-versa
 business consulting (BC)

Helping you FIND the answers WITHINHelping you FIND the answers WITHIN

business consulting help various types of companies to archive their ultimate goal or goals in a particular area of the business, such as sales, ict, finance, production, marketing, human resources, general affair , operations, et cetera

serve as professional advisor in business consulting, accustomed
  • Creative
  • Conceptually and practically thinker
  • Problem solver
  • Communicating clearly and empathetically
  • Collaboration with all job levels
  • High curiosity
  • Never stop learning

business consulting roles may involve working with upper management to do increase sales and revenue, facilitate the learning of new systems, tools, and processes, improve employee performance, develop business plans, improve organizational efficiency, implement organizational changes,  conduct or prepare for an audit, improve customer service and customer satisfaction,boost employee morale,  et cetera.

save time and money - plan for the future - take advantage of opportunities - objective view

Helping you FIND the answers WITHINHelping you FIND the answers WITHIN

digital transformation (DT)

DT is NOT about TechnologyDT is NOT about Technology

Business environment need to adopt technology, transformation doesn’t have to happen all at once, companies can start small and gradually climb the ladder.
The important thing is to get started and keep moving forward.
It’s essential to understand the most significant obstacles. The success of digital transformation depends on Organizational Structure, Culture, Resources, Digital Skills, Business And IT Resources., Idea that technology expenditures are tactical rather than strategic.

Approaches To Digital Transformation
  • Cross-functional communication, modular project technology
  • Coordinated conversations between workforces and strategists.
  • Combination of digital and non-digital solutions

When it comes to business process transformation, there is no one size fits all approach. Instead, the best way to determine how to transform your business process is to understand the goals you’re trying to achieve and tailor the transformation to fit your specific needs.

Define your goals - Assess your current processes - Find the right solution - Implement the changes - Monitor and adjust

DT is NOT about Technology DT is NOT about Technology

information and communication
technologies (ICT)

Whose FATE Now..? Ours or (ICT)Whose FATE Now..? Ours or (ICT)

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) play a significant role in all aspects of modern society.

(ICT) changed how we
      Conduct business
      Find information
      Manage our social lives

(ict) affect everyday lives, they also impact the macroeconomic growth, which in turn further affects society by enabling infrastructure and standard of living improvements

assessment - initiation - planning design - translating - implementation executing - monitoring - auditing

Whose FATE Now..? Ours or (ICT)Whose FATE Now..? Ours or (ICT)

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